We  have added  Photo's of Complete Restoration of saddles restored by Old West Leathers. Showing are the Before and After Shots. Have a saddle you think has seen it's better days? There isn't a saddle we can't restore , build, re-build and repair to it's original style or design. Let us know what we can do to save on your investment. The saddle at the top thumbnails are ones we have built for customers from all over the USA. Just click on the thumbnails to enlarge pictures. If your looking for a special leather item... look no further we can make it! 

Chaps in all styles and colors, Farrier aprons, Blacksmith Aprons, Bull riding chaps,etc 

Old West leathers will build, repair, Restore and style of saddle you own. Our Prices can't be beat!


 Featured below are some great examples we have done with Saddle Restorations and Total Re-builds. Folks have asked what is "Total Restoration". Total Restoration is a three part process that we at Old West Leathers do to bring back that saddle you love to ride in. We estimate what type of restoration  your leather will need to bring back it's luster and long wear. We Repair,Restore, or rebuild whatever needs you may have on your saddle or horse tack. We also repair, restore or rebuild  Bullriding gear too!

If you have a saddle that is your all time favorite, collectors item, or a hand - me - down and want to preserve it the way it should be , Send it to us or drop by and we can turn your old saddle into new again. We pride ourselves in honest work, fair pricing, and 100% guarantee you will love what we do!

 These owners was so pleased at the results they were afraid their horses would get jealous!